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Marilyn Wellan

Homage to Georgia O'Keefe

Sculpture - red and white clay, unglazed




Chain Necklace

Sculpture -  white clay, unglazed




In the Shadow of the City

Sculpture - stoneware with photos printed on metal




Three Pitchers

Sculpture - Handbuilt stoneware, glazed

6" and 4"

$75 each (lg); $45 (sm)



We are priviledged to live and work in a community where the arts are prominent and well supported by the communnity and CAG. I maintain a studio at River Oaks Square Arts Center, where I am able to explore whatever talent I have, with opportunities to exhibit, to collaborate with other artists, and to grow through independent work.  I am mostly self-taught; I have enjoyed working in several different media through the years but am now concentrating on sculpture, photogaphy and jewelry making including sculpted jewelry.  My sculptures are represented in the collections of St. Francis Cabrini Hospital, Alexandria International Airport, City of Alexandria, First United Methodist Church of Alexandria, the Gardens of the American Rose Center, and in a number of private collections.


~ Marilyn Wellan


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